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I have been in the mattress and home furnishings business for years now. One thing that experience has given me is an intense passion for bedding and what it can do to improve everyone's quality of life - including our babies. After all, we spend a third of our lives in bed. Part of that passion has kept me looking not only for the best bedding available, BUT a BETTER way to sell it - through facts & education.

The first thing I will not compromise when choosing a product to offer you is healthfulness - it MUST be good, not only for you but for everyone it touches. ALL of our products are carefully selected for the health of you and your family. The second thing is good, old-fashioned value - our products MUST be worth what you pay for them. They must not only last years longer than other bedding, but must contribute to your comfort and enjoyment for every year you own them. That is our pledge to you - health and value for years to come .

There are three types of latex, (1) Certified Organic (2) 100% All Natural Rubber (3) SBR, Styrene Butadiene Rubber - synthetic latex, also called "natural rubber." We only sell 100% Certified Organic Rubber, with certified organic cotton & organic wool. There is a big difference between "natural" and "organic."

What is an Organic Mattress? Our mattresses are grown fresh for you, not made in some chemical plant. We use rubber tapped from the rubber tree like maple syrup, so the trees go on to make more mattresses and remove tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Our zippered mattresses are quilted using organic cotton, which is grown in Texas without the use of pesticides. These are topped with organic wool sheered from sheep. That's it - no formaldehyde, no petroleum oil, no chemical flame retardants.

What is a Mountain Air Organic Bed? You choose your zippered casing based upon your budget and needs. Then you choose your layers of certified organic latex rubber, which come in different densities like firm, medium and soft. Because of our split-level design, you can have your bed firmer on one side and softer on the other side with customized layers. Don't worry if you don't get it right - we give you free in-store layer exchanges for 100 days. Not in our local area? Simply pay actual shipping charges to exchange your layers. We do this so no one is stuck with a mattress that doesn't feel good.

Why Organic?

Synthetic mattresses are made from petrochemicals and have chemical flame retardants, which have been proven in clincal studies to be dangerous to your health. Our organic mattresses are made from natural materials like organic cotton, wool and all-natural latex rubber.

Quality and Real Value:

Polyurethane mattresses have a planned obsolescence of five years. $1,000 every five years is $5,000 in 30 years. Invest half that in one of our organic mattresses and never have to buy another mattress for decades!

Customer Satisfaction:

We know you can't tell anything about a mattress by lying on it for five minutes in the showroom. This is why we have a life time layer exchange program. You will never be stuck with a mattress that doesn't feel good even years down the road, because our mattresses have a zipper. You can change the layers out as many times as you want while you own the mattress.  (See Layer Exchange Program)

We also have a 25 year warranty on our mattresses - 10 year full replacement and 15 year prorated. (See our Policy page for details.) If your body changes and your needs change 10, 15, 20 years down the road, you don't have to buy a new mattress - just buy a new layer or move the old ones around.

Unlike other latex brands our organic rubber, both Dunlop and Talalay is of higher quality and lasts longer than blended or natural rubber. Our mattresses won't take body impressions or break down like polyurethane does. We are always pleased when someone calls to replace their latex mattress they had for "40 - 50 years." (The longest we've heard was 60 years from a lady in Nixa, Missouri. 54 years from a grandmother in Bella Vista, Arkansas.) With traditional mattresses, you can get body impressions or a sagging mattress. But you can expect a Mountain Air Organic Mattress to last decades, depending upon your weight and the density of the layers you choose. The firmer the mattress, the longer it lasts.

What if your body changes and your needs change 10 - 15- 20 years down the road? All you need to do is move your layers around to adjust the feel. You can move the firmer layer to the top, swap with the other side. If you need to you can buy a new layer, but theoretically with proper support of one of our foundations, platform bed or adjustable bed, you will never have to replace your mattress again!


Polyurethane Foam - 1.9 lb (Read the law label. If they slip in even 1" of Polyurethane foam, that is manufacturer's insurance that the mattress will break down and you will come back to buy another mattress.)

Tempurpedic (tm) - 5.3 lb (We have one on display after 1 year, if you would like to see how well it didn't hold up.)

Mountain Air's Firm Dunlop Latex - 40 lb (Lasts 8 times longer than Temper's 5.8 lb density!)

A lot of people sleep hot. It doesn't help when the synthetic mattress and bedding you're sleeping on makes you sleep even hotter! If you want to sleep cooler, go with natural fibers; if you want to breathe better, go organic. Wool is a great body temperature regulator, cool in the summer, cozy in the winter. Even Presidents wear wool suits in the summer.

The biggest difference: Not only is the magic in the rubber we choose and help you configure but, our mattresses have 3-4 customizable layers on each side, are certified organic, and are made in the USA, eliminating quality control problems that can lead to defects and soft spots. We have a nice, thick, quilted, zippered cover for comfort, so you can move your layers around. Our mattresses are denser than Talalay and we would never use polyurethane, chemical flame retardants, petroleum oil, formaldehyde or synthetic foams of any kind in our beds.

So why don't you bring your bunny slippers and try out our mattresses or order one today and start sleeping on it so your body can tell you what you need? Naps are always free!

Need time to save up for the investment? No worries, you can start sleeping organic right away because we offer 6 months interest free financing for qualified applicants through PayPal Credit? Call 479-966-2262 or Email us with your order at NaturalBeds@Gmail.com.


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