The Foundation for a Great Night’s Sleep

By Pradeepa_CML

by Gary Robertson

Most premium mattresses come with un-premium foundations or worse box springs; often no more than a cardboard box covered to match the mattress. Often lightly built and hard to move in close spaces, they are the far too common root cause of mattress dissatisfaction.
Over the past ten years I have seen almost every foundation you cam imagine. Some made from springs covered with cardboard, some from plastic crates, some from flimsey wood. What all of them had in common is, they didn’t set the foundation for a good nights rest. Another MAJOR drawback is getting them where they are supposed to go. Once I had to remove a queen box spring from an attic loft … I had to tie a rope to it and lower it out the window THREE stories. Another example … to get one out of a luxury motor home I had to cut it into four parts.
This got me thinking …. there must be a better way. That’s when I looked at my platform beds and saw the answer.
A Mountain Air Organic Beds mattress foundation is a platform bed in a zippered casing. Built like our PFBs from grade A Arkansas grown yellow pine, they feature 9 5 1/2 inch wide slats to support the bed. They also fold up and snap together so they go upstairs easily. They also provide a sturdy. stable and BREATHABLE surface for the mattress. This promotes comfort and longevity.
Yes they are heavy …. over 100 pounds for a queen …. when it comes to foundations, size does matter. You get a foundation TWICE the mass of a Tempur-Pedic foundation that can be easily moved in the tightest spaces.

I’ve linked a video I made about my foundations and how to assemble them.




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