What is the best mattress for your back?

By Pradeepa_CML

How You Sleep

In order to answer this question we need to understand how a mattress affects your back when you sleep. “A key element in mattress selection mattress-for-back-painis making sure that your spine is supported in its natural curvature and that any pressure on bony prominences is relieved,” says Dr. Chetan Patel, medical director of the Spine Health Institute at Florida Hospital Altamonte. When you sleep your mattress will determine how your spine aligns throughout the night. If your mattress is made of any kind of polyurethane or memory foam then you are not going to have the proper support. As you can see on the right a mattress that takes a body impression can cause your back to curve causing pain. If you have a mattress that is to firm or straight with no give then your spine can curve like an S shape causing severe pain when you try to get out of bed in the morning. Your mattress should help keep your spine aligned where it is straight relieving back pain.
Innerspring Mattresses

The most common type of mattress sold today is an innerspring mattress. The innerspring mattress is made up of a layer of metal springs, foam and some have a small layer of memory foam. If you were to cut open an innerspring mattress, what you see may come as a surprise to you. You may also be shocked that they most expensive part of your bed is the outer layer or casing that covers the egg carton polyurethane foam and the springs. Springs tend to break down after a few years causing your bed to sag in the middle. When this happens your spine will curve with the bed causing a tremendous amount of back pain. The springs are also very rough on your back alignment because they tend to push more than you want them to causing your spine to align the wrong way. The goal to reducing back pain is proper support and you just can’t get that from an innerspring mattress.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam was developed in 1966 by NASA in order to provide a safer seat cushion for aircraft. Memory foam is the same as polyurethane except it memory-foam-hand-v2has additional chemicals to give it the quicksand filling. Memory foam does not have longevity which is why tempurpedic has reduced their warrant to 10 years. They problem with memory foam is when you lay in it you kind of sink into the mattress, maybe not at first but as the polyurethane breaks down it loses its ability to reform back to its original shape. Is it comfortable? Yes it is but at what cost? When you are sleeping on memory foam it is kind of hard to get out of the bed because you are literally sinking into the bed. If you are sinking into your bed it can be difficult to roll out of bed and could cause you to tweak your back and cause pain that is normally not there. If you where to cut open a memory foam mattress you may see that it is a small two or three inch layer of memory foam and the rest of the mattress is like any other mattress. Memory Foam also sleeps hot and forms with your body temperature. Memory Foam is popular because it is different and feels cool. Memory Foam is not a great investment because you will need to replace it every five to seven years and your back will have to suffer every time you climb into this type of bed.


Organic Latex Rubber


Latex Rubber has been around since about 1920. One of the biggest reasons Organic Latex fell off the market was because of the low cost of an innerspring polyurethane foam mattress. Organic Latex is safe and does not have the harmful chemicals that other mattresses have. Our organic latex does not break down or cause body impressions. Latex rubber provides great support for your back and helps keep your spine aligned relieving back pain. Our Organic Beds are recommended by more than 750 Chiropractors around the nation because they are the best mattress for a bad back. One of the best features of our mattress is the customizability. Our mattresses have two to four layers that can be different firmness on each side of the bed. If your significant other loves that soft feel in their mattress and you need it to be more firm for back support than our mattresses are perfect for you. Other benefits of our 100% Organic Mattress are;

Latex is hypoallergenic, will not harbor dust mites and is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. This is important for families that suffer from allergies and other allergenic medical complications .
Our Latex is pierced with holes which allows the latex rubber to breathe which is one of the reasons our mattresses do not sleep hot.
Our natural latex mattress have different layers allowing you to unzip your mattress and move layers around to make your side of the bed more comfortable for you.
Latex generally prevents motion transfer so you will not disturb your partner when you get in and out of bed.
Our latex mattress should last 20-30 years which is why we have a 25 year warranty on our mattresses.
If you are suffering from back pain and need a new mattress you may want to look at getting an organic mattress from Mountain Air Organic Beds. Ask your doctor what they recommend for a bad back and i’ll bet you that Organic Latex is number one on their list. If you have any questions about our beds please visit our website at Mountain Air Organic Beds.




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