Why Invest in an Organic Bed?

By Pradeepa_CML

Eight Reasons to invest in an Organic Latex Mattress

Before we get to why you should invest in an Organic Latex Mattress ask yourself if you know what your mattress is made of?


Do you know what a Memory Foam Mattress like Tempurpedic is made of? Memory Foam also known as “visco-elastic polyurethane foam” is a type of polyurethane with additional chemicals in it to enhance its elasticity and viscosity. The federal standards on the flammability of mattresses (16 CFR Part 1633), require memory foam mattresses to be made resistant to flame which is achieved through the addition of flame retardant chemicals because those types of mattresses are made from petroleum oil and are highly flammable. It is a fact, synthetic burns 6 times faster than natural materials. Mountain Air Organic Beds uses wool as a natural fire barrier.

One of the more popular flame retardant chemicals that is used is PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers). PBDEs bioaccumulate in blood, breast milk, and fat tissues. PBDEs have also been shown to have hormone-disrupting effects, in particular, on estrogen and thyroid hormones. A 2010 study found that children with higher concentrations of PBDE congeners 47, 99 and 100 in their umbilical cord blood at birth scored lower on tests of mental and physical development between the ages of one and six. Developmental effects were particularly evident at four years of age, when verbal and full IQ scores were reduced 5.5 to 8.0 points for those with the highest prenatal exposures. Just as worrisome is Chlorinated Tris the number one flame retardant on the market today. Tris has been banned over 35 years ago in children’s sleep wear because it is a neurotoxin, a known Carcinogen and hormone disruptor.

1. Beware of the “Natural Organic latex mattress”. It’s much like organic food, you really need to know how it’s made. What we have found is that a big majority of companies advertise their mattresses as being a “Natural Latex Mattress” but when you read the fine print and do your research your realize that it is a slab of Natural Organic Latex glued to a slab of Synthetic Latex or 1″ polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam and synthetic rubber normally break down within a year and cause a 1″ sag in the mattress. (Not to mention it is toxic to the lungs, liver and brain.) This is one of the reasons that they may try to sell their mattresses for a lower price than ours. Even their layers are glued together. Who want’s glued layers? Unless you are into huffing glue all night long? Look out on the free stuff, is it 100% organic or conventional grown cotton sprayed down with pesticides and plastic? Where is the integrity?

There really aren’t any short cuts if you are going to make the worlds best mattress. This is one reason we are currently the only mattress producer that has earned the highly coveted, Pure Integrity Verified seal. We don’t sell organic mattresses to one person, toxic mattresses and coil mattresses that radiate EMF waves out the back door because metal coils is a conductor.

Have you ever gone to a mattress store and asked to see a “latex mattress” and they show you a polyurethane foam mattress with a inch of synthetic latex in it? Why would they do that? Because it’s cheaper to make something in a chemical plant then pay a farmer to raise and harvest the crop. Plus, if they sell you something that doesn’t last then they can be sure you will come back to replace it again and again. I really wouldn’t call it a latex mattress, I would call it a polyurethane foam mattress with a little bit of latex in it. Not sure? Ask to see the specifications on how the mattress is built.


2. Is all rubber the same? No! At Mountain Air Organic Beds we do not have fine print because there is nothing for us to hide. You can open up our mattresses and see that it is 100% Organic Latex. It’s completely transparent., Our beds are made with Certified Organic Latex encased in a 100% Organic cotton and wool casing. There may be other stores out there that might offer true 100% Organic Latex Beds. I am not saying that their Mattresses are not 100% Organic but their rubber is not always made with the same recipe that we offer. We have scoured the world in search for the top organic latex that money can buy to ensure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied. We have found all of the Organic Latex we have tested that go into other companies’ mattresses have 10% soft spots in them. Unfortunately, you will never know if they are shipping you a layer with a “Soft Spot” in it until you sleep on it. With our rubber you can even see the difference, ours looks and feels more consistent because the process is more consistent. Here at Mountain Air Organic Beds we find that quality of rubber is extremely important and is not acceptable to have inferior rubber which is why we guarantee “No Soft Spots.”

3. Is it completely customizable? Mountain Air Organic Beds are not like your everyday mattress that you sleep on. Each one of our beds has 3-4 layers of latex that can be customized to fit your needs. We offer three different densities of latex, soft, medium, and firm. What’s so great about this is you are not stuck with something that you pick out of a store. It can take up to 15 days for you to really get a good feel on how your mattress fits your needs. You may find that after two weeks it is a little too soft for you. That is not a problem with our beds if you want to firm it up a little bit you can move your soft layer to the middle and put a medium layer as the top layer. This is great especially for couples that have different needs. One side of your bed can be soft as the princess and the pea while the other side of your bed could be as firm as the floor or anywhere in between. Our customizable comfort and the rubber we choose is unique and is a big reason we have 100% customer satisfaction. With multiple layers it’s easy to do layer exchanges.


4. Will you be able to fully change multiple layers around? What happens if your body changes or your needs change? Most people can easily move those 6 – 8 layers around for customizable comfort for each sleeper later down the road. We don’t send out big heavy bulky mattresses with 6″ King and Queen firm slabs that are impossible to handle and return. We do offer whole layers but don’t recommend them for the most part unless you sleep in the center of the bed then we are happy to accommodate your needs.

5. Free Layer Exchanges? Yes, Layer exchange is something that we offer to all of our customers. One of the biggest reasons people do not buy mattresses online is because they want to see how it feels before making an investment into an organic mattress. Even for our local customers our layer exchange program is great because you just cannot tell how a mattress feels by laying on it for 15 minutes in the store. Your body will tell you after a week or two of sleeping on our mattress just what you need. That is why we give a 100-day layer exchange guarantee less the actual shipping cost. You can do this as many times as you like to get that “heavenly feeling” when you are shipping. We send you a new layer and you send the old one back in the same box. We then use the old layers for showroom models. For local customers, just bring your layer into the store to exchange it for a different new layer.

6. Yes or No checklist! The word no has a negative feel to it, but at Mountain Air Organic Beds we love the word no. The word no is a positive word to us because it symbolizes that our bed contains:


No synthetics
No petroleum
No chemical flame retardants
No glues
No pesticides
No chlorinated tris
No soft spots
No formaldehyde

7. How long will it last? Longevity and value are two words that describe our beds. Due to the fact that we use only the best 100% Certified Organic Latex our beds will last longer than your normal synthetic bed and other latex mattresses. Our beds last so long that we have a 25-year Warranty that covers our mattresses. Don’t let the 25-year warranty fool you though, most true Organic Latex Beds last a lot longer than 25 years. With a synthetic mattress it is likely that you will end up buying a new bed every 4-7 years. Because of our longevity, Mountain Air Organic Beds offers real value and is a great investment. If your needs change 10, 15, 20 years down the road there is no need for you to go buy another mattress, you can unzip your casing and you can buy a new half layer if you need more firmness or softness for this reason this truly is the last mattress that you will ever have to buy.


8. Is it safe for everyone? What is more important than the health and safety of our children? Do you know what your children are sleeping on? A traditional child’s mattress contains polyurethane foam, formaldehyde and even chlorinated tris, a toxic chemical that was banned years ago in children’s pajamas. None of our mattresses contain harmful chemicals making it safe for anyone to sleep on, even our infant babies. We offer children’s beds as well as crib mattresses and pet beds made of the same materials as our beds.




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