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At Mountain Air Organic Beds we build your mattress to fit you. Imagine a mattress that changes with each persons body needs. Have you ever tried purchasing a mattress where you get what you want and your partner gets what they want? In order to create the perfect mattress for you we need to know what you like when you are sleeping, do you like a supper soft bed or a super firm bed? Maybe you dont really know what your body needs until you wake up the next morning. Because of our customizability you can change the feeling in your mattresss without having to return the bed. Simply choose three layers on each side. Dont worry about choosing the right layers because we give you a hundred days to change your mind on what layer configuration you want. If your bed is too firm and you have decided that you want it a bit softer, all you have to do is bring in your firm or medium layer and we will give you a soft layer. If you ordered online you simply give us a call and we will send you a new layer and you will return the old layer in the box your new one came in. All you have to do is pay the shipping charges to and from.

Organic Joy 10" Configuration

Customized with individual combinations of Firm, Medium or Soft Dunlop organic latex, this bed features three "3 inch" layers of organic latex on each side for a total of up to 6 layers.

Heavenly Harmony 13" Configuration

This is the ultimate luxury yet proper support for the spine. There are no coils to produce pressure or polyurethane to break down. simply choose four 3" layers on each side. See the below onfiguration guide for more details.




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