Polyurethane Foam - 1.9 lb (Read the law label. If they slip in even 1" of Polyurethane foam, that is manufacturer's insurance that the mattress will break down and you will come back to buy another mattress.)

Tempurpedic (tm) - 5.3 lb (We have one on display after 1 year, if you would like to see how well it didn't hold up.)

Mountain Air's Firm Dunlop Latex - 40 lb (Lasts 8 times longer than Temper's 5.8 lb density!)

A lot of people sleep hot. It doesn't help when the synthetic mattress and bedding you're sleeping on makes you sleep even hotter! If you want to sleep cooler, go with natural fibers; if you want to breathe better, go organic. Wool is a great body temperature regulator, cool in the summer, cozy in the winter. Even Presidents wear wool suits in the summer.

The biggest difference: Not only is the magic in the rubber we choose and help you configure but, our mattresses have 3-4 customizable layers on each side, are certified organic, and are made in the USA, eliminating quality control problems that can lead to defects and soft spots. We have a nice, thick, quilted, zippered cover for comfort, so you can move your layers around. Our mattresses are denser than Talalay and we would never use polyurethane, chemical flame retardants, petroleum oil, formaldehde or synthetic foams of any kind in our beds.

So why don't you bring your bunny slippers and try out our mattresses or order one today and start sleeping on it so your body can tell you what you need? Naps are always free!

Customizable Mattress

At Mountain Air Organic Beds we build your mattress to fit you. Imagine a mattress that changes with each persons body needs. Have you ever tried purchasing a mattress where you get what you want and your partner gets what they want? In order to create the perfect mattress for you we need to know what you like when you are sleeping, do you like a supper soft bed or a super firm bed? Maybe you dont really know what your body needs until you wake up the next morning. Because of our customizability you can change the feeling in your mattresss without having to return the bed. Simply choose three layers on each side. Dont worry about choosing the right layers because we give you a hundred days to change your mind on what layer configuration you want. If your bed is too firm and you have decided that you want it a bit softer, all you have to do is bring in your firm or medium layer and we will give you a soft layer. If you ordered online you simply give us a call and we will send you a new layer and you will return the old layer in the box your new one came in. All you have to do is pay the shipping charges to and from.

Organic Joy 10" Configuration

Customized with individual combinations of Firm, Medium or Soft Dunlop organic latex, this bed features three "3 inch" layers of organic latex on each side for a total of up to 6 layers.

Heavenly Harmony 13" Configuration

This is the ultimate luxury yet proper support for the spine. There are no coils to produce pressure or polyurethane to break down. simply choose four 3" layers on each side. See the below onfiguration guide for more details.


Pure Integrity

The Pure Integrity Verified Seal of approval is still considered in its infant stages of awareness. Please help us spread the word of what we want to see to heal the planet and our plates with this seal! Tell your friends, tell your favorite organic companies, tell your clean food groups!

Stay tuned as more companies come on board and qualify by joining us on the Pure Integrity Verified Facebook page

Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval brings to the world
one of the highest quality standards in the industry.


Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval brings to the world one of the highest quality standards in the industry. The Pure Integrity Verified seal of approval, is the household name for organic products so you don’t have to worry about your purchases. Only the purest of products on the planet will gain PIV seal of approval. Helping the world to know about GMO’s as well as the toxic chemicals that are being sprayed on our planet. Reflecting non-compromising standards so that you may be assured of PURE INTEGRITY products to bring in your home. Helping the world to understand the importance of knowing their food sources and getting to know their farmers. Dedicating timeless efforts to assure you and your children of a safe and toxic-free future. Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval is the first step in restoring our health and the health of the planet. LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE!


The Pure Integrity Verified seal of approval means pure, integrity and quality. It also means above and beyond current organic standards. Products must be without toxins or ingredients that become toxic when mixed with certain components. The Pure Integrity Verified seal means the product was made with LOVE, PURITY and INTEGRITY. The seal means never compromising with industry standards. Using the most sustainable packaging as possible and without the BPA. These products are sure to be FREE from GMO's and MSG’s. If the product is a supplement in vitamin form, then the supplement will be RAW organic whole foods without added fillers or soy lecithin. Our strict standards are for everyone's best health in mind. If we do find out a company has sold out or started using toxic ingredients, the seal of recommendation is sure to be pulled quickly! Just because a product is GMO free does NOT mean it is toxic chemical free or even organic. Just because it is paraben free does not mean it is non-toxic. The best is always to make your own products, but we know everyone will not or cannot do this. Therefore, recognizing this seal is assurance of purity and love. LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE!


Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval’s vision is to help restore the world with purity and a quality life style. By setting the standards for Pure Integrity, there is no room for compromise, sickness or diseases. Living a quality life style can be obtained and will help heal the world. Continually touring the world to enlighten the public of the importance of real foods and a toxic-free planet will help us all to continue to make a difference TOGETHER. Engaging in relationships are the start of healing the planet. Visiting farms world-wide, we will help you get acquainted with local farmers in your area. A sick nation will surely fall but a healthy nation will conquer ALL!
Together We Will Make a Difference~


Comfort And Support

Could your mattress harm your body and your health

If you wake up in the middle of the night by tossing and turning from pain. If you wake up in the morning all achy, then it may be time to ditch the old mattress and get a new one. Why do you wake up in pain? Could it be caused by your mattress lacking proper support? Is it like a tire that is loosing air and causing a uncomfortable ride?

Tossing and turning all night long can be especially harmful to your health because your muscles are not relaxing. Instead your muscles are working constantly to try and get comfortable. If you are sleeping on a bad mattress then the mattress is stretching and pulling on muscles and nerves causing torture to your body. This can cause you much tiredness and fatigue throughout the day. When this happens, your body cant rest or get all the deep restorative sleep your body needs to heal and repair itself. How can your body fight off disease if it is constantly fighting for comfort all night long?

It is very important to have proper support when you are sleeping and that is a given for most people. Having said that there are too many mattress companies saying that their mattress will give you that support. This is why your body needs proper suport; our bodies carry more weight in the hips and mid sections. Because our mid sections weigh more than the rest of our bodies our spine will get out of alignment while we are sleeping and that could cause serious back pain. Your mattress needs to be able to push your midsection back into alignment relieving that pain.


Those fancy Memory foam beds out there can and will give you proper support but it will not last. Polyurethane foam is a open cell technology, every-time you lay on it the cells break open releasing toxic chemicals. Eventually your mattress will start to sag or take a impressions which will cause your support to disappear and your back pain will be back. This will not happen with a Mountain Air Organic Mattress, we back our mattresses up with a 25 year warranty. We are so confident in the quality of our rubber we give you a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects such as soft spots often found in inferior rubber.


Is comfort one of your biggest factors?

Comfort is one of the biggest factors for most people when they are shopping for a bed. With Mountain Air Organic Beds you can be sure that you are always going to have the comfort level that you want. Even if you want a firm bed and your partner wants a soft bed we can build one bed that will fit both of you. What's great is you may think you know what you want in a showroom and when you get home and sleep on it your body may want something totally different. All you have to do is unzip your bed and move your comfort layers around until you are satisfied with the way your mattress feels.

Our top priority here at Mountain Air Organic Beds is your satisfaction. Our customers want the proper support for their bodies but they also want that super comfortable feeling when they are in bed. Our mattresses will let you build comfort on top of proper support. With our customer service and 100 day layer exchange program each sleeper is guaranteed their comfort. If you don't believe us then check out some of our testimonials




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