Polyurethane Foam - 1.9 lb (Read the law label. If they slip in even 1" of Polyurethane foam, that is manufacturer's insurance that the mattress will break down and you will come back to buy another mattress.)

Tempurpedic (tm) - 5.3 lb (We have one on display after 1 year, if you would like to see how well it didn't hold up.)

Mountain Air's Firm Dunlop Latex - 40 lb (Lasts 8 times longer than Temper's 5.8 lb density!)

A lot of people sleep hot. It doesn't help when the synthetic mattress and bedding you're sleeping on makes you sleep even hotter! If you want to sleep cooler, go with natural fibers; if you want to breathe better, go organic. Wool is a great body temperature regulator, cool in the summer, cozy in the winter. Even Presidents wear wool suits in the summer.

The biggest difference: Not only is the magic in the rubber we choose and help you configure but, our mattresses have 3-4 customizable layers on each side, are certified organic, and are made in the USA, eliminating quality control problems that can lead to defects and soft spots. We have a nice, thick, quilted, zippered cover for comfort, so you can move your layers around. Our mattresses are denser than Talalay and we would never use polyurethane, chemical flame retardants, petroleum oil, formaldehde or synthetic foams of any kind in our beds.

So why don't you bring your bunny slippers and try out our mattresses or order one today and start sleeping on it so your body can tell you what you need? Naps are always free!




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