Three inch layers are much easier to handle than six layers or even a whole mattress. When you need to move the mattress or even turn it for seasonal rotations, it’s easy to do with our layers.

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I've been in the mattress industry since 1995, and have sold virtually every brand out there. I've learned that you can have a sea of mattresses and still not know if it's the right mattress. I was astonished at the revolving door of unhappy customers coming from these mattress stores. I've seen people spend $5,000 on a mattress only to get irritating body impressions in four months or less, all the while not having a warranty issue because they haven’t slept on it long enough to have a 1 ½” body impression.  As painful as it was for them, who wants to sleep on a mattress that's causing pain? I don't care if you spend $300 or $3,000 on a synthetic mattress, it's going to break down, and sleeping on a broken mattress causes pain.


I researched and found a category called organic mattresses. I learned that typical mattresses contain toxic chemicals in it, such as chlorinated tris, which is the number one fire retardant on the market today. I started becoming even more concerned about cancer once I had breast cancer, then healed it naturally, they found zero cancer after they removed both my breast. 


I also became more aware of chemicals after contracting sleep apnea, further research into the importance of sleeping elevated after getting GERDS. I started looking at the way I live and if I am suffering from all this then how many other people suffer from these types of diseases caused by our environment? This is why I'm so passionate about sleeping healthy.

-Joyce Robertson


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Custom made Layered organic mattress and frame.

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By testing and experimenting with raw materials we select only the best. Inferior rubber will have an inconsistant look to it and will quickly develop body impressions in 2-3 years. Synthetic rubber has been tested to only have about a 1 year longevity.
Density & Longevity
Hypo -Allergenic
Rubber lasts longer than polyurethane foam and holds it shape better for a longer period of time.
Two ways of making rubber are natural and synthetic. Natural rubber is hypo-allergenic where Synthetic rubber is made of styrene butadine rubber which is toxic to the lungs, liver and brain.
Organic Cotton Blossoms

Textile Specialist

Joyce Robertson

To begin, I make sure everything we make for you is of pure and highest quality. Farm fresh to you, made in the beautiful Ozark Mountains, not made in a chemical factory.
 Not only that but, I am fanatical about the details. I make your casing and bedding with love. I pay special attention to detail. Our products are consciousness of the earth keeping in mind future generations. Our products are safe for you and the planet.
I bless my work I made for you with love, peace, joy and happiness so it is enjoyed in your home for decades to come.