Affiliate Program

Are you a blogger or someone who has a lot of followers on social media? Or do you just want to spread the word about Mountain Air Organic Beds? You could earn $500 a day with a click of a button! Can you say FREE MONEY?


Do you have a physical location where customers can try different products? Partner with us as a "Demo Affiliate." We have been told that our prices are the best and our products have the best quality and purity! We have exclusive products and features not found anywhere else. 

Not only do we remove the burden of stocking our products, but no longer do you need to put tons of money into marketing that might not work! We will give you a wholesale log in. No more headaches for you. We will send you traffic and all you have to do is demo the mattresses. Fill out the the inquiry form and we will show you the money!

Demo Affiliate

Easy Steps:


Have a idea for a topic related to health and sleep?  Jot down what you know or make a video and share it with us at we will create a blog post and send you a back link.


Buy one one of our beds so you can experience it yourself and tell others  why you bought "The Mother of All Beds" and tell them how great they are in a video testimony.


Post the article and video to social media asking people to share this important message.  


Getting leads:   You can join groups that are relevant to the symptoms then tailor your symptoms to that group because they are usually in that group for a problem or prevention of health related issue. 


For example, look for FaceBook groups in your particular genre, then ask to join that group, read their guidelines for posting.  If appropriate, post a link to the article to that group.  Once they click on your unique link, they become your prospect. 


This can apply to cancer, any neurological disorders and all the other possible symptoms of hormone and thyroid disruptions and groups. It’s education so there should not be a issue posting education.


You could even use your personal account recommending they read one of your favorite blog post about this issue.  Magdeline's article has so much good information about  ____(issue)____and so much disease is caused by just this one thing we are doing, that if everyone knew so much pain and heartache could be avoided. 


Don't forget to talk about us on forums, leaving testimony on FaceBook and Google reviews.  We appreciate the love.