Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer,


Never before has there been a mattress that you could completely control the comfort of. 

Why let your mattress control you when you can control it?


Our mattresses are so different and unique, you can control the comfort by simply unzipping your casing and swapping layers around.   We want you to be 100% satisfied.  For this reason we offer you 1 FREE layer exchange where you don't pay a dime.  Not even for shipping and handling!  You can put 2 TXL layers or 1 Whole layer in plastic your exchange layer comes in and we will send you a pick up label.  It's that simple.


After the 1st FREE layer exchange, anytime within 120 days, you can exchange as many times as you like for FREE, just pay shipping and handling of $199 and we will take care of the rest. Layer exchanges only apply to Twin, TXL, Split Queen layers.  It does not apply to toppers or full size, solid mattress layers due to the expense of shipping. So we recommend you opt in for split layers for the ultimate in customization.

This is not a return policy, it is a layer exchange policy only. Because these are custom made mattresses AND BEDS,



Most comfort issues are caused by improper foundation.  Issues like improper foundations, platform beds, or anything with even the slightest dip, like a wooden floor that has warped will transfer the dip through to the mattress and can void your warranty.  

We reserve the right to replace defective, damaged, wrong product shipments. Replacement time does not count toward your 120 days of Free layer exchanges.

We do not give refunds due to imperfections, didn't like the smell, health issues, comfort issues or shipping and production delays beyond our control. We make every effort to satisfy our customers needs within reason.


Returns if qualified, are not accepted whether said or implied. Returns must be in writing and signed off by both Gary and Joyce Robertson with a Return Authorization Number.


Decide “Do I need a Layer Exchange, another layer or is it my foundation?”


Return Bedding

  1. Is the bedding unopened?

  2. Is the bedding return within 30 days?

  3. If so, Please fill out the Product Return Request Form.

  4. We charge 20% restocking fee to cover shipping.


Upload Reciept

 Did you do a layer exchange? If not, please click here to initiate a layer exchange.

Layer Exchange?

Did you purchase a matching foundation or platform bed from us? 

By agreeing to the layer exchange program, we agree you can have FREE layer exchanges.  After the 1st layer exchange, you pay shipping and handling..

Please go to our shopping cart here, and submit your request for new layers.  



 We will then put the order in production and send you tracking information when it is on its way.

Thanks for submitting!