Dear Customer,

We want you to be happy with your purchase, and for that reason we offer FREE Layer Exchanges for 120 days, Unlimited Layer Exchanges for life for a nominal fee, a 25-Year Mattress Warranty, and a 2-Year Wood Warranty.

We are happy to offer our customers a 25-Year Mattress Warranty, and a 2-Year Wood Warranty. See Terms & Conditions for details. If you qualify for a for a Warranty Claim, simply fill out this form, place the product(s) in the packaging it arrived in, following the requirements as laid out in the Terms & Conditions, and contact us to request a pickup. Print out the pickup ticket from the email we will send you and attach it to the outside plastic for ground pickup.

Simply fill out this layer exchange form & we will order you a new layer. Once you get your new layer, please roll up the old layer in plastic the new layer came in, keeping the old layer free from dirt and debris. Then call us to request a pickup ticket emailed to you to print out and attach to the outside plastic, for Ground pick up. 

You may replace layers as often as often as you like for as long as you own your mattress. We want you to always be happy with your mattress. 

Do You Have a Warranty Claim?

As laid out in our Terms & Conditions, we warrant each individual layer against faulty workmanship or structural defects, including 1 1/2" body impressions. See Terms & Conditions for details. To assist you in determining whether you have a valid Warranty Claim, follow the steps below.

Inspect It Yourself

To measure for a body impression warranty, take each layer off the bed and lay it on a clean sheet one at a time without stacking. You will need to measure each layer individually. To do this, put a golf ball in the area you suspect has the dip and then lay a yardstick next to the ball upright. If the yardstick clears the 1.5" golf ball without lifting the yardstick, then you have a Warranty Claim and we will send you a new layer. Please attach a photo to this form showing you are not lifting the yardstick, and make sure the yard stick is on its side and not bending. This may help us to see the suspected dip in your layer. Then simply follow the instructions under “Warranty Claims” above.

Have Us Inspect It

If you wish us to inspect your layer, follow the instructions under “Warranty Claims” above. When we receive your layer, we will inspect it. If there is not a valid Warranty Claim we will first treat it as a Layer Exchange. If we inspect it and see that there is in fact a valid Warranty Claim, we will refund the cost of receiving the new layer, less all shipping costs.

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By submitting this form you agree to our shipping price of $99 per box. 

For security reasons we will email you an invoice of the new layer if we deem it necessary that one should be sent. Dependent on which request (warranty/exchange) once you receive the invoice you will be able to see the order and layer with the price and can purchase (if necessary). We will then put the order in production and send you tracking information when it is on its way. 

Thanks for submitting!

We will email with an invoice of the layer exchange so you can insert any billing information securely.